Basic Knowledge

Provide the characteristics of the trading products, concepts and related technical analysis of the basic knowledge, to help customers improve their trading level.

Option knowledge of Products

What is PRI?
PRI (Protected Range Investment) is a whole new investment. Client can refer the historical price trend of the subject matter to predict the price fluctuation range in the investment period.(Now we provide the XAUUSD-PRI as the subject matter
Trading Method
• XAUUSD-PRI can only trade in Auton.
• Provide multiple price range, each range can gain different potential return rate( Annualized rate).
• Investor choose the price range they think it will not be touched in the specific interval and the investment amount.
• If the price didn’t touch the upper or lower of the range in the specific interval, the investor will gain the promised return.
• If the price across the upper or lower of the range, the investor will not gain the promised return.
• Investor can get all returns and capital in the end of the investment term.