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Trust Money


To enable our clients to trade more securely, PROBIS has signed a trust money agreement with NAB Trust Bank Ltd. and put client margin in a trust money account. Even if PROBIS goes into bankruptcy, its client's funds under trust money won't be affected and NAB will return the margin directly to the beneficiary's account via the beneficiary's agent B.

The object of trust money is the amount calculated based on PROBIS 's client pre-deposited margin plus/minus actual profit/loss (including interests) and floating profit/loss. PROBIS will calculate assets under trust money on every business day (except holidays in Australia) to determine the essential assets. To ensure its clients can get back their assets under all circumstances, PROBIS will put an amount of money more than the essential assets in the trust account.


● PROBIS 's trust money cannot guarantee trading risk with your principal. Under volatile market fluctuation, you may suffer losses more than the pre-deposited margin.

●PROBIS will confirm margin deposit before 5:00am (6:00am, Winter Time) GMT+8 Time on every business day and remit the margin to the trust bank on the next business day of the bank for separated management. Before remittance to the trust bank, the margin is not the object of trust money but PROBIS will also put it in a financial institution to manage the margin separately with their assets.

● In case PROBIS goes bankrupt, margin in the trust account will be liquidated and distributed to its clients accordingly via beneficiary's agent B. However, funds in the trust account will be distributed according to the valid amount at liquidation after various expenses are deducted.

● The laws do not provide for obligation of trust money. Therefore, expiration of the trusteeship or termination of the trust money agreement may result in end of the trust money service. In this case, PROBIS will inform its clients. Moreover, the method of separated management may vary with the revision and change of laws.

● The trust bank is only responsible for managing margin entrusted by PROBIS but is not responsible for supervision and selection of beneficiary's agents. In addition, the trust bank is not obliged to pay margin to the clients for and on behalf of PROBIS. Therefore, PROBIS 's clients do not have the right to apply to the trust bank for margin payment.

● According to the Personal Confirmation Law, in case PROBIS goes bankrupt, when the beneficiary's agent B returns margin in the trust account to the client, it must confirm the identity of the client. In this case, PROBIS may provide personal information of the client to the beneficiary's agent B and the trust bank.

● In PROBIS 's trust money, the beneficiary's agent A is deemed as the internal manager while an external lawyer is chosen as the beneficiary's agent B. The beneficiary's agent A will confirm the amount under trust money every day and supervise the status of trust money for and on behalf of the clients. The beneficiary's agent B receives returned assets under trust money from the trust bank and returns to PROBIS 's clients the assets corresponding to their margin in emergencies such as PROBIS 's bankruptcy.