TOKIN Co., Ltd. is a professional financial organization who offers online trading services on various financial derivatives, including FOREX, Commodity CFD and Securities CFD. In order to provide the high-quality services for our clients from different counties, TOKIN has cooperated with a lot of institutions as partners in many cities all over the world. As TOKIN's clients, no matter whether you are an individual investor or an institutional investor, you are all assured of the security of funds, the advanced technology of trading platform, the cheaper trading costs and the high-quality services from TOKIN.

About Partners


﹡Assist the clients in opening a live account and provide necessary service support during the transaction.
﹡TOKIN provides the partners with trading platform and 24-hour customer service free of charge so that the partners and their clients can keep their mind on transaction.
﹡TOKIN provides the partners with detailed trading statement and commission statement.

White Label Partner

We provide rapid and efficient online FX/CFD trading solutions and customize our services according to your requirements from brand strategy , Logo, color, quotation to currency pair. The initial cost in principle is 0.

The white label partner project applies to enterprises with the following demands:
﹡ Financial institutions that hope to establish FX/Securities CFD business (banks, insurance companies, securities companies and futures brokers, etc)
﹡ FX/Securities CFD practitioners and online brokers that hope to improve present trading system and operating system, or hope to renew and replace systems or further expand trading products
﹡ Practitioners that provide news about FX/Securities CFD market and hope to explore new income sources from online FX/Securities CFD trading services to customers
﹡ IT practitioners that provide online information services and expect to get into FX/Securities CFD information processing