Account opening

Account opening process is convenient, fill in the account request and the commissionerwill contact you about account opening. Deposit and withdraw funds is convenient. Investors can also apply for simulation of the account to experience the operation.

How to Open a Live Account

Preparation Stage

Please carefully read all kinds of materials such as Terms & Conditions and Risk Disclosure. Before opening a live account, please be sure all the products specifications and their potential risks you have understood and accepted.


*The age of the applicant should be between 20 and 75 years old.
* The applicant should be available to using a computer with network connection frequently.
* The applicant should be available to contacting us via telephone or E-mail from time to time.
* The applicant should accept all the rules of TOKIN, including Terms & Conditions and Risk Disclosure.
* The applicant should fully understand the risks of all the products, make own judgment of the transaction and take its responsibilities.


Application Stage

①Fill in the online account open application form.
②Print the form and confirm it, then sign it under signature.
③Submit the application form, the copy of identification document and other required materials to TOKIN by post.
④We will examine and verify all the submitted documents. But your application may be rejected. Thanks for your understanding.


﹡For individual client, the copy of identification document with applicant’s photo and home address, such as ID or passport (attached address proof besides) is required.
﹡For corporate client, the documents submitted vary from countries to countries. For more details, please contact our customer service department.


Account-opening Completion

①Account number and login ID, password and service pin will be sent respectively in two E-mails to the client. Please keep them safe.
②Please remit the required margin deposits to TOKIN’s appointed bank account. In order to confirm the remittance as soon as possible, please note the account number or login ID in the remarks column of the remittance slip and fax or E-mail it to TOKIN in time after the remittance.
﹡Please remit money to TOKIN’s appointed bank account.
﹡Please contact our customer service department for more information about commission of remittance.

Start Trading

As TOKIN confirms the remittance from the bank account and margin it into your trading account, you can start the trading. (There is no charge for opening or using the account. )