Trading Products

Select products with large investment needs and volume, customers can easily access to relevant information and choose an effective market opportunity. Large enough volume increase trading activity to enhance profitability. So that all investors can enjoy the same fair investment environment.

Adjustment of Futures CFD Positions on Expiry Day

Adjustment of Positions on Expiry Day

Positions of all futures based products in Trade Square Platform will automatically transferred to the new month contract when the old contract expired by the adjustment of the close prices between the old and the new, rather than be automatically closed on the expiry day.

Adjustment will be reflected in the customer's trading account on expiry day and the closing price of the new and the old contract are obtained from the trading day previous the expiry day.

Market order about products there is a settlement contract
Products there is a settlement contract perform "adjustment" by the calculation of the bid and the ask price of new product and old product of the previous day to the end date of the old product, do the rollover. It is calculated on the basis of this "adjustment", shall be reflected in the effective margin and the balance in The Client’s Account Summary.

Long position:adjustment = [–(new ask – old ask) ×unit]×lot

adjustment = [+(new bid – old bid)) ×unit]×lot

About Limit order and stop limit order
When old month contract transfer to new month contract, because the price change tremendously, it is possibily that the limit order and stop limit order client set will take effect immediately and the settle price will be different from the client set price.